There are hosting plans out on the Internet from $1.99 up! All we can say is you get what you pay for. Just be careful you know what you are getting yourself into. Will you have the support you need? Backups? A real person to speak to? Will you be sharing a hosting machine with a spammer and have your email access restricted by 'Spamcop', etc. Life can be stressful enough, let us make sure your website hosting is not part of the problem.
You will have to let us know what you want your website to say. We can help with design options and suggestions taking care of most of the work, but any ideas you have will help the process. We will also need 8-10 pictures relevant to you, your business, organization or hobby. We can accept those in a number of different ways including hard copies through the mail.
No! We are able to take care of everything you need and we can ask you in plain English for anything else we need from you.
No you do not. We realize that not everyone that wants a website for their business or hobby has Internet access at home. We are happy to setup a website that will allow people to call or mail you rather than use email etc. You can check out the website we create for you using Internet access at your library, or we can send you color printouts of your new site.
Absolutely! Our customer service sets us apart from most other designers and hosters.
The time varies from site to site. For a regular website with no special circumstances 2-3 weeks is a normal time frame.
Our systems are backed up daily and we can quickly restore lost data.
Theoretically this number is unlimited. We will work with you to work out the best solution for your needs.
We believe you'll be very happy with our hosting, but everything we build for you will be able to be run on a different hosting provider. We work with industry standard features so there is unlikely to be an issue.
While we don’t necessarily agree or disagree with our customer’s websites, we do reserve the right to refuse hosting to anyone for any reason with or without cause and without explanation. We have a duty to our existing customers to ensure their website hosting accounts are not compromised in any way. If we do not believe we can provide you the best service for any reason we will be glad to refer you to another website builder and hosting provider.
General hosting is when anyone can sign up for a hosting account and run whatever they want to from it. This is one of the reasons spammers have such an easy time of it on the internet. We do not allow just anyone to be hosted on our accounts. Everyone we host is a ‘real’ person and has a legitimate reason for their website.
Absolutely! We have a saying, “Anything is possible with computing given enough time, money and resources.” If you have an unusual request we can work with you to see what can be done within your budget and timescale.


When you apply for service from this company you signify that you understand and agree to the terms and conditions on this website.