Us - Waterfalls
Cornish Heritage Ventures is a hosting company with a difference. The company is owned and run by Richard & Liz Pomeroy. You get to deal with real people who really care! We have a number of years experience in our own businesses and combine that with several years in “Corporate America.” These experiences have enabled us to develop a professional, efficient and personal service.Richard has been involved professionally with computers since he was 17 and left his lucrative corporate job several years ago. Since then Richard and Liz have been working together on various enterprises, all of which have utilized Richard’s extensive computer programming and management knowledge. You now have the chance to use these skills for your advantage!

Why the name Cornish Heritage Ventures? We are originally from the county of Cornwall in England so ‘Cornish’ is our ‘Heritage’. The ‘Ventures’ came about as life is definitely an adVenture here & we never know what we are going to get into next. Our life is definitely not what some folks would call ‘normal’, but we wouldn’t have it any other way!

We live a very down to earth life & are so very blessed. Yes we have computers etc (sort of necessary when you have an internet hosting company!), but we focus alot on bringing our children up to enjoy the simple things of life.

You can follow the ups and downs of our lives on our blog. Just something else to make us a little different.

Richard & Liz